Infrared Heat/Cut-out Repairs

Using infrared technoligy we will soften existing asphalt then rake out old damaged asphalt and add fresh asphalt then lastly we roll out the asphalt to a seamless repair.


Asphalt is the most extensively used material for paving highways, roads, parking lots, home driveways, etc., due to its outstanding binding (for the aggregates) and waterproofing properties. Asphalt, however, has poor resistance to chemicals, salts, oils and especially the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Pavements with low to medium traffic (parking lots, airport aprons, restaurants, gas stations, schools, etc.) deteriorate under the attack from these damaging elements. If not protected, such pavements become useless and have to be repaired or replaced to keep them functional. Highways and major roads have the benefit of continuous rolling traffic, which keeps the pavement functional through the kneading action of the traffic.

Low to medium traffic pavements can be protected and preserved through the use of sealcoatings, which are specialty water-based coatings, especially designed to resist the destructive elements of weather and chemicals. Sealcoating is a protective measure, designed to keep an asphalt pavement lively and attractive. The very term "sealcoating" means keeping the redeeming properties (like waterproofing, flexibility) of asphalt sealed in to extend the pavement life and preserve its functional properties. After all, the pavement is a sizable investment.

Our Asphalt parking area/lots maintenance & marking services

We provide all of your parking lot striping, stenciling and handicap sign needs.  Looking to take advantage of your blank asphalt at home?  Add a shuffleboard, basketball, four-square or other court.  Call Wisconsin Sealcoat and Striping LLC for all of your striping needs both existing and new layout.

Crack Routering/Filling

A routered and sealed method is the best practice of crack filling. We router an approx. 1''x1'' deep reservoir centered on the crack.  The reservoir and surrounding area is then cleaned with a high pressure/heat lance to clear the area of any moisture. We then overfilled with hot tar allowing for a cap to be formed over the reservoir. With this cap, there is extra material to allow for greater expansion in the cold season when asphalt shrinks.

Stormdrain/Catch Basin Repairs 

Uneven or heaving storm drain?  Water eroding the asphalt and base around your catch basin creating a safety issue? We are professional asphalt contractors and we can fix it!  Just a simple phone call or email away.